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Amanda Hart on the Mind Body and Soul-TV

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Spiritual Evolution Channel

Amanda Hart on the Mind Body and Soul-TV
Amanda Hart on the Mind Body and Soul-TV
Amanda Hart on the Mind Body and Soul-TV

About Amanda Hart: Amanda, a mum of 3 discovered she was very different to other children during her childhood. This in itself helped her to survive a dire upbringing when taken from her mother by her father. She was invisible behind the veil of a middle class family hiding a very dark secret.

Amanda learned survival from the age of 4 but equally she discovered a ‘presence,’ her angels, which helped her survive the 15 years of physical, mental and emotional hell she suffered.

After leaving home as a young adult she felt the world would become an adventure however her ‘programs’ learned from childhood attracted even more dire predicaments to torture her more so.

Eventually when her world came crashing in, she gave in and asked her angels for guidance and that’s when they led her to discover the secret behind the programs she’d attracted.

Amanda had a full blown epiphany from a near death experience when she contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia. She was shown the reason why she’d gone through so much hardship and why she’d had the re-occurring dreams since she was 3. It was the push she needed to discover her own exceptional abilities to help others. This, at long last was her saving grace.

Through years of study, research and meeting people who recognised her gifts she finally found the key that helps unlock the negative programs that have held so many back from achieving their full potential.

Amanda was eventually nominated to go on ‘Britain’s Psychic Challenge’ hosted by Trisha Goddard to find the top psychics in the country, which was on Channel 5 in 2005/2006. She was then asked to present her own radio show, The Soul Searching Show on My Spirit Radio, writing all her own material and interviewing experts in the Mind, Body and Spirit Field. Her passion for writing led her to then become an expert for Soul & Spirit Magazine writing the Soul Solutions page, giving tips and advice on soul evolution.

It was whilst at My Spirit Radio she was asked to write her memoirs by her then agent, because of her extraordinary life experiences. 5 years later, Amanda finally succumbed when a secondary condition from the Meningitis stopped her in her tracks from working and she finally resigned herself to sitting down and writing her book.

Her memoirs are a remarkable account of how against all odds she found the key to unlock us all from our negative programs and how we have the power within us to do that.

Amanda’s life is now dedicated to taking her work out globally to help victims of abuse, past and present. Whether it be in families, institutions, the workplace or behind closed doors of any description, her ability to help others to heal goes beyond logic and is the core of her work to enable people to empower themselves.

Through mentorship and support, Amanda’s work helps pave the way through all that inhibits people, to move on with greater independence, courage and certainty to achieve all that their hearts desire.

She certainly walks her talk as she lives as if every day is her last and dreams as if she’ll live forever.

Amanda’s inspiration has touched the hearts of everyone she meets and is her life’s work to achieve that.

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