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Be an Internet-TV Host
Be an Internet-TV Host
Be an Internet-TV Host

Click play to hear an interview by host Coach Steve Toth, about "How to Explore the Power of New Possibilities" with guest Harvey Kraft

Conscious Evolution Media in 2006 embarked on a journey to bring Internet-TV to those passionate individuals who needed a platform to communicate their important message to the world. Back then most people had no idea or concept what Internet-TV was. Today we provide the world with LIVE streaming Internet-TV, Cable-TV and Public Television shows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We feature more than 15K shows over 7 genre based "evolution channels": Health & Wellness, Relationship, Self Evolution, Financial, Career, Environmental and Spiritual. We provide a platform which brings one’s message to an instant audience and catapult their perspective, expertise, and voice into the world. Live and on demand online Internet-TV is the video marketing medium for the internet age and CEM has developed a mastery of it.

By becoming an Internet-TV host, you’ll be able to deliver your passionate message in a timely and effective way, showcasing and communicating your knowledge and capabilities while interacting with passionate viewers, listeners and followers on YouTube-Live, Google Hangouts, CEM, Podcasting on iTunes, Sticher, Comcast Cable-TV and Public Television.

That’s dynamic. And that’s an opportunity that will propel you to the next level, leapfrogging any competition in your market space. Or, if you’re an enthusiast, you can use the forum provided by CEM and its viewer-listenership to connect to more like-minded people, expanding the reach of your sphere of influence.

Regardless, your opportunities as a Internet-TV host will undoubtedly be a game-changer in your life. And the lives of others.

Our hosts enjoy the following:
•In-house Executive Producer assigned to your show
•1 hour weekly live broadcast at a set day and time
•1 professionally produced commercial for yourself or your product/service for your Podcast (audio Podcast only)
•4 minutes of commercial air time (ad slots that are owned by you, the host-Podcasts Only)
•Flash banner with show title and host photo on CEM’s home page
•Flash banner announcement with show topic and guest produced weekly VIP Guests Only
•Host training
•Personalized host page with your content library for on-demand listening of your Trailer Videos
•All shows available as Mp3s and able to be podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and 16 other Podcasts
•Media/press releases (optional)
•Host bio page with link back to your personal website
•Customized sponsorship packages for advertisers (optional)

Optional technologies offered:
•Upgrades to website and video streaming
•Streaming video pay-per-view through our CEM-TV platform
•Website design or redesign
•Live webcasting and pay-per-view events
•One-on-one professional coaching from a veteran talk show host

Contact us today to discuss taking your knowledge and expertise to a growing audience though Internet-TV hosting. Call us at 303-217-3053.

or go here to sign up on line:

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