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Brendan Gaughran on Mind Body and Soul-TV

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Mind Body and Soul-TV

Brendan Gaughran on Mind Body and Soul-TV
Brendan Gaughran on Mind Body and Soul-TV
Brendan Gaughran on Mind Body and Soul-TV

Brendan Gaughran will be on Mind Body and Soul-TV Thursday, August 28th at 2 PM Mountain, 1 PM Pacific and 4 PM Eastern about liver health issues and natural remedies, click on the link to watch live:

Liver Medic’s founder Brendan Gaughran took a disabled New York Firefighter suffering from numerous liver related health issues and rapidly nursed him back to health. In addition to losing a significant amount of weight, his blood sugar and elevated liver enzymes had both normalized. This man was able to get back into the gym, play with his children and the experience had simply changed his life. This turnaround required a change in lifestyle along with the proper supplements – those formulations now make up our line of products.

At Liver Medic, we believe liver health is at the core of overall well-being and improves the quality of people’s lives. Many common health problems are easily avoided with natural liver supplements. Detoxifying and regenerating damaged liver tissue leads many away from more dangerous medical alternatives. Educating people about healthier natural solutions is one of our main goals.

Currently, Liver Medic is bringing this educational message and our natural supplements to the public online and through Health Food Stores to address these serious health issues. Liver problems are fast becoming a national epidemic contributing to increases in; obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation, allergies and a host of other health concerns. To find out more go here:

Important Question from Show: Is there an inexpensive way for people to tell (not a lab test) that they have a fatty liver?

Answer by Brendan Gaughran: there is no simple or inexpensive test for fatty liver. The main problem with the liver is it has no pain receptors, so you can only feel it once the fatty liver grow to a point in which it impinges on other organs…. then you get pain.

Otherwise, here are the only options:
1. elevated fasting bloos glucose readings. This is typically a sign of type II diabetes, though as we spoke… the liver regulates and breaks down insulin so this is a good signal for fatty liver.
2. elevated liver enzymes. Has to be requested by your Dr and labs results will confirm fatty liver.
3. Fibroscan. Very expensive alternative, but avoids biopsy for severe cases.

Symptoms: Obese, high cholesterol, diagnosed with Type II, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue

That’s it. That why it is a silent epidemic. Its so hard to spot, but it is everywhere. Even people who look healthy can have it.

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