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How Doug Freel Directing Rock and Roll Videos and Tours Fell into the World of Heroin Addiction

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Doug Freel on The New Health Conversation-TV Show
Doug Freel on The New Health Conversation-TV Show
Doug Freel on The New Health Conversation-TV Show

From Heroin to Clean for Nearly 20 Years Doug Freel will share his story on The New Health Conversation-TV Show. While directing rock and roll videos and tours for Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick and others, Doug Freel fell into world of heroin addiction.

“I became a hard core heroin addict. It took over my career and my life. When after a half a dozen rehabs, I would get clean for only a few months. Friends, drug counselors and family figured I would be killed or worse. They said if I got on the bus working for another rock tour I would die. I got on the bus. What I saw and what I filmed made me never want to shoot dope again. And I haven’t for nearly 20 years.” Doug Freel

On the New Health Conversation television show, Freel will be Peter Greenlaw’s and Coach Steve Toth’s guest. Freel will detail his long journey from user to staying off of heroin for nearly 20 years.

Freel has become a “ninja warrior” against the use of illegal drugs. He also is an evangelist in telling the world about the decline of our food system and the TDOS Syndrome™. Freel and Greenlaw will discuss their new documentary currently being filmed called The TDOS Syndrome™.

Guests are invited to view the interview in the Denver Open Media studios, at the corner of 7th Street and Kalmath in Denver. The show is at 3:30 PM M.S.T on Saturday August 3rd. To attend the show go to fill out the form and put RSVP in the subject line.

If you can’t make it to the studio, you can view the recording on August 20th

Douglas Freel has enjoyed an award-winning music video directing career with the foremost production houses in the world including The Company, Propaganda Film, and most recently with Gigantic Entertainment. His work has produced era-defining imagery that remains etched in the minds of the MTV generation.

From Moscow to Tokyo he has directed literally hundreds of music videos, most of which propelled their artists to top chart positions, several dozen commercials and a handful of documentary projects. And most important, his career continues to blossom.

Peter Greenlaw is the voice for what you are NOT hearing from cutting edge health science research. With 10 years and thousands of hours of in-depth research, Peter reveals a fresh new approach to talking about health, diet, and nutrition.

He is also the co-author of "Why Diets are Failing Us" and the upcoming book, "The TDOS Syndrome." Greenlaw’s studies included reading over 500 books and more than 10,000 hours of research.

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