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How Self Evolution Works - How To Series A

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SKU: cem-ldyer-how-self-evolution-works-001

Lynda Dyer’s “How To” Series A

 photo aae5edd5-6ea9-4242-b82d-d846fbc7a5df_zpscb00a9ff.jpgThis Series is designed with you in mind. The “How To” Series gives you the latest techniques in a very succinct, easily understood manner to empower people to make change by adding action to their routine or by releasing limiting beliefs to create the space for positive change to happen.

Have you ever:
- Wanted your own personal coach at your beck and call?
- Wondered what action you should take after you viewed “The Secret”?
- Wanted to understand and release the limiting beliefs that seem to pull us backward?
- Wanted to set goals and see them manifest in your lifetime?
- Wanted to understand procrastination and how you push through it?

Course Length: Four 2 hour sessions per month, starting: January 2014 dates TBA

Course Platform: On-line Video Interactive Technology

The course includes the following additional content:
• How to Prepare for Your Course
• Course Schedule
• Course Venue and Detailed Instructions Including a Technology Check
• One Hour Coaching Session on Skype with Lynda Dyer During Your Course

Downloadable content after registration and payment:

1. Success Manual
2. Set of 6 DVD’s that includes (a $47.00 Value):
- DVD 1 - How to take Action After The Secret
- DVD 2 - How To Relieve Anxiety
- DVD 3 - How to be Financially Free
- DVD 4 - How to Set and Achieve Goals
- DVD 5 - How to Eliminate a Limiting Belief
- DVD 6 - How to Eliminate Procrastination

These DVD’s can be watched at home, in the office or while traveling which will accelerate your learning and allow you to have immediate access to the powerful messages. Each DVD is live and shows you in less than 30 minutes each what works, understanding as to why it works, and takes you step by step through how to make it work for you.

 photo 09658cf0-af38-4a9d-a46d-8c2d1cd3387c_zpse06fbdc8.jpgAbout Lynda Dyer MS: she was one of 58 people from around the world filmed for “The Secret” because she lives her material and cured herself of Lupus. She is a Certified Professional Trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She is also an International Speaker, Best Selling Author and Transformational Coach. assisted the earthquake victims in China by writing and translating 5,000 copies of her Award Winning “Good Grief” book and delivering them personally. She is a Cast Member on the Living Consciously TV show and she is also a co-writer of the THREE new best seller books. As a student, she dressed up as a man to travel to England to find her Dad’s family. While teaching NLP in Jamaica, the Government called her a “Change Agent”. You won’t want to miss this lady. You will laugh and cry when you hear her amazing stories. She has a knack of bringing material down into understandable chunks. She travels the globe as an inspiration to many around the world with her passion and zest for empowering others to “be” more.

"You are never given an idea you are not capable of achieving. Decide, Act, Believe and EXPECT and the Financial Rewards will come together for everyone to benefit from." - Lynda Dyer-Read more here

If you took this course with Lynda Dyer individually the cost would be $1,550 - Register Today Your Cost is $300.00

List price: $300.00
Price: $300.00

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