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The Last Key-Game Show

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Game Host
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About the Game Show-Coming Soon Near YOU...: Iam and Coach Steve Toth will speak on topics found within this book "The Last Key". We may even fully work through it, eventually. We will endeavor to take you from played, to player. The rest is up to you. Even showing you the door is a greater grace than you can imagine. And hopefully you grasp this, no matter your stature here on earth. For now, we will just go with the flow and mimic life a "Game Show".

About Iam: Our mystery host Iam has, supervised a $9 million construction site as well as slept on the ground across from Detroit one night, by choice. He has been on stage to cast a spell with a guitar upon all versions attending. Has been a son, a father and a Grandfather, a pioneer trekking across the country. Leaving all behind, only knowing, it will work out.

He built free energy devices. Investigated conspiracy theories. Having found secrets revealed while studying the bible within the church which lined up with certain things learned in other interests over a timeframe of 4 decades. Iam left the church where he was very involved and almost up to elder level is for being an active part of the system.

He has written a book revealing all these secrets which actually to date, has still not been released in the market, as this could be too much even for these days. Because if anyone really truly gets the message, they will struggle to grasp it even if they fully agree, or simply go crazy. It is not for the faint of heart, nor the one who wishes to play enlightenment. It contains the key. The last key. One that ends the search. Can you handle that much knowing? Honestly?

I can say that I know no more than everything, in a very full and empty way. I am the played, and the player and the one who wrote the game. I will explain how to play.

Most do not see that they play the game each day. They are played, and can feel it. Some of these feel very good, very high up there, speaking of love and light at all times. These may even fool themselves, as most do. Yet they are played. The game is tricky, as from birth most have been thoroughly fooled to the degree that they use the "played methods" while thinking they are attaining enlightenment. There is a place that one lifts themselves up to, to start to play. But even then, do they know how? Do they comprehend the playground and all it's moves?

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