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On Line Media VIP Guest-CEM

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Way Beyond Just an Internet TV Interview


Imagine... getting a lot more exposure than just a one-hour interview with an Internet TV host. You can actually realize an ROI by investing $100.00 (a $1,000 Value) in yourself or your business when your message is distributed in a powerful and targeted way.

When you're a VIP Guest on one of our shows on the CEM TV Network, here is what you will get:

CEM Reach

  • Your show will be simulcasted Live to Google+ Hangouts, YouTube and other Internet Networks

  • On average our Live shows have 300-500 viewers

  • With our syndication networks your viewership can triple to 1,500 live viewers

  • All of our Podcasts get 1,000's of downloads every month ( 250K monthly) increasing the reach of your message

CEM Content

  • You will be the solo guest in an approximately 48-minute guided interview

  • You can present a 2-minute commercial close to the end of the show about your passion, service, modality, book or product.

  • Your show will be recorded and you'll have access to a 5 and 60-minute video to place on your website

  • You'll have access to a 60-minute Audio Podcast as an .mp3 file

  • You may be featured as a one-time Guest Spotlight in the RCRN monthly eNewsletter

  • You'll may be featured as a one-time Guest Spotlight in Host's eNewsletter

CEM Social Media Content Distribution

  • Your show will be announced on Twitter and Facebook before it starts.

  • After your show, the 5-minute video will be marketed up to 100 Social Sites (subject to Host's subscription plan), including YouTube

  • After your show the 5-minute video will be sent to FaceBook and Twitter as your Show Trailer

  • Your show will be Podcasted to 18 Podcasting Networks including iTunes.

Broadcasting Internet Network Annual Visibility of 2012 - Media Impressions through CEM TV Network = More than 6 Million Total Impressions!

  • Website: 2,889,421

  • Syndication: 1,375,625

  • Podcast Downloads: 1,440,000

  • Radio-TV Commercial Spots: 6,480 annual 30-sec and 60-sec spots

  • CEM eNews Letter: 528,000

CEM-TV Network Core Demographics

Viewers Income Demographics

34% > $100,000

22% $60,000-$100,000

23% $30,000-$60,000

22% $0-$30,000

Viewers Educational Demographics

16% Graduate degree or Higher

43% Bachelors degree

40% Other

Viewers Gender

51% Male

49% Female

Viewers Age

32% 18–34

34% 35–49

27% Over 50

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel 2 weeks or more prior to your scheduled show date you can either reschedule your guest appearance on CEM TV Network or else request a full refund

  • If you cancel less than 2 weeks before your scheduled show date, no refund is given.

NEW!!!- VIP Guests: Showcase App share products, articles, content, and websites with viewers while in a Hangout On Air, during and after the broadcast share links with the audience, Featured in Slide Show on Main CEM Home Page, Featured in CEM Network Guest Slide Show for up to 30 days. Custom VIP Guest Show Page in Showcase section of CEM web-site.  These pages are also published to all of our Social Media Accounts. See some examples:  

Sharon Ballantine-Mind Body and Soul Internet-TV Show

Paul W. Sutherland-Mind Body and Soul Internet-TV Show

Larry Costa-NinonSpeaks Media Image Show


List price: $100.00
Price: $100.00

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Dancing With Your Dreams
Our dreams are a gateway. They are an entry way to explore the questions we seek the answers to and they are a playground that can be accessed for fun and relaxation. Dreams are an open door if you are willing to walk through it and embrace the powerful information that waits for you on the other side. It is through our dreams that we process the experiences of life--past, present, and future. You can learn to remember your dreams in order to discern their significance, capture the essence of your dreams, and tap into their core meaning. The landscape of your dreams can be a rich and exciting one. It’s time to dance with the energy of your dreams.

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